Enabling AI Proctoring During Test Sessions with SwiftAssess

The meteoritic rise of virtual classrooms and assessments at all levels of education has made students and teachers navigate new technologies and learning formats. Preserving assessment integrity in a remote environment however, is a critical aspect to safeguarding exam content;

Train, Assess and Improve your Employees Skills and Knowledge

In the highly competitive hiring market, organizations are adopting new methods and software to balance the needs of the applicants and that of the organization as well. Gone are the days when it was pretty easy to hire someone with

Characteristics of a Comprehensive Cloud Assessment Platform for K-12 Education

SwiftAssess is a comprehensive cloud assessment platform for k-12 education that empowers teachers with the right tools to enable students’ active learning, higher-order thinking and to measure their knowledge intake. It offers a wide range of benefits and comes with

A Comprehensive Question Bank Management Platform for Institutions

With a wide range of assessment features, SwiftAssess offers a solid question banking capability that spans multiple filtering and mapping capability, question review and approval workflows. It provides the right solutions to create different type of question types for students appearing in

Assessment for Professional Development

Digital Assessment Platforms are no less at evaluating learning behaviors, skills, and competencies with patented assessments to enhance knowledge of students. They provide actionable, timely insights to accelerate growth while driving objectivity and fairness in the results. Assessment for professional development is

Ensuring Academic Integrity with Digital Assessment Management Platform

Academic Integrity is the basis of education at all levels. With a tremendous increase in the popularity of remote examinations, many academic institutions have given up the traditional method of pen and paper. Adopting modern methods of online examinations has

What Online Questions Authoring Solutions bring to your Organization ?

Digital student assessment platform has become an influential solution in assessing globally dispersed learners and escalating the flexibility of the test takers. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world of education as many educational institutions have made the transition to a

How SwiftAssess is Beneficial for Vocational Assessments ?

SwiftAssess is a vocational education assessment platform that recognizes an individual’s current skill, competency, or knowledge in one or more fields and compares that competency level to the required competency standard built for the company’s particular position or other positions. The difference

6 benefits of using SwiftAssess for Institutions

Customized end-to-end assessment tests are crucial for hiring and workforce development for the corporate sector, online evaluation, admission management, and examinations for educational institutions. Assessment management platform is specifically designed for end-to-end online assessment for professional and educational industries. SwiftAssess is an

Test Delivery solutions in SwiftAssess

SwiftAssess delivery widely supports the interest of conducting exams and evaluating results with complete security and integrity. The Candidates can take exams on a computer in the remote locations and the examiners can provide timely results without any hassle. It