Observational Assessment

The Observational Assessment author section in your account allows you to create and manage the observer items before publishing and using them in your evaluations

Individual and Team Evaluations

Observation modes can be done on individuals or teams if they are registered in the system in one group, then you can do one observation and the results of it will be mapped to multiple users

Analytics and Insights

Get quick reports and insights on all the evaluation forms done. You can also get statistics regarding the time spent by the observer to evaluate, location information and additional details to give a full report overview on the observation

Observer Forms Bank

The observer forms bank allows users to create multiple types to be added to the observer forms. In addition to having a strict Access Control Permissions that allows specific personnel to access it to create, edit, preview or delete observer forms items.

More Features

Capture Evidence

Capture multiple formats per criteria such as inking, audio/video recording, photos, and text feedback.

Offline Ready

Download your forms offline, capture and sync result when a connection is available.

Mobile Ready

Use the application anytime anywhere, no restrictions required.

Outcome/KPI based

Map your evaluation forms to expected learning outcomes, performance criteria and compliance standards.

Plan & Stay Organized

Plan your forms geographically and integrate with your calendar to get all the notifications and organize your day-to-day work.

Multiple Evaluation Modes

Whether you’re evaluating individuals, groups or even objects, you will find the right options to help you get started.

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