Every project and every deployment of SwiftAssess differs from one client to another based on their needs and requirements. We developed a set of standard phases that we go through for each new on-boarding client

The Process of

Implementing SwiftAssess

Lets go through the steps of implementing a new SwiftAssess Account to your organization

Deployment and Activation Phase

Confirming and activating the account domain, user licenses and administrators

Readiness Phase

Cooperating with the technical team of your organization to make sure of devices compatibility, network and infrastructure readiness

Initiation & Integration Phase

Starting the account and connecting it to your systems such as the SIS and LMS and more

Professional Services Phase (optional) - based on the request of the client

Multiple services can be provided based on the need of it in the account

Training Phase (optional)

Online or Face-to-face training for multiple streams to gives them the A-Z on using SwiftAssess

Soft/Main launch phase

Launching SwiftAssess for all admins and users officially

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