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SwiftAssess is a powerful digital assessment platform that helps your social sciences colleges on various disciplines. We provide you with the best practices for the creation, delivery, and grading of your online social sciences assessments

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Use SwiftAssess’s Interactive Multimedia Assessments to make real-time changes to your social sciences students’ learning experience.

An Extensive Question Bank with Over 30 Question Types

Cover a wide list of topics for your social science students to determine how critically they analyze the provided information 

Test students on their critical thinking and analysis with long thought-out responses 

Allow social sciences students to get a feel for how to solves real problems.  

Provide a visual thinking element to your social science exam  

Create Standardized Social Sciences Exams That are Safe and Reliable

SwiftAssess helps you create standardized exams with a variety of tools to author the assessment you need.

Social Science

Social Science

Use multimedia tools to cover the topics you want from ethnic relations to cultural development and more!
Create multiple timed sections for exams like the GRE
Use graphs, figures, and data to test students on their analytical and quantitative skills and their applications
Utilize multiple assessment indicators to measure the students’ success in each exam criteria
Present your students with multiple choice questions on international relations, political thought, and more like the ETS exams
Create questions consisting statements, databases, and graphs followed by multiple response questions.

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Our Assignments and Projects provide you with many exciting features including:

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