Test Delivery

Our test delivery options are available on all devices and all browsers, remote and secure, digital and paper, in-campus or off-campus.​

No connectivity? No Problem.

SwiftAssess supports offline delivery of digital exams. Your examinees can take the exam even without connection and the results will be synced when a connection is established. In Addition to the Assessment Caching Unit (ACU) which gives a great experience to the offline exams.

Available on All Devices (BYOD)​

SwiftAssess delivery is available on web application for Windows, Chromebook, MacBook devices seamlessly. It also works on all the standard web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


Available on the Stores

Our apps designed natively which supports iOS, Android and Windows, Chromebook, MacBook devices seamlessly. You can find them on the App Store of your device.


Paper Based Delivery​

Delivering a re-imagined version of Printable Exams, where it can be done using any paper, any printer and any scanner. This solution allows examinees to solve the exams on papers while most of It is being automatically graded and synced to the system. It also supports multiple versions, sheets watermarking and QR Code scanning to secure the exam sheets from cheating and leaking.

Secure Assessment Environment

SwiftAssess now enables you to deliver safe and secure assessments, complying with academic integrity. Native to both Windows and Mac, Bring your own device (BYOD) and tablet security support; delivery through our secure browsers or normal browsers comes with disabled functionality such as copying, printing, etc… to reduce cheating attempts.

Embedded Assessments

Assessments on SwiftAssess can now be embedded in common formats

  • Interactive Book Widgets (iBooks, EPUBs, PowerPoint Apps)
  • MS Teams Connector
  • LTI Integrations

Did you know?

We support VDIs (Virtual desktop instances) and running that with full-secure browser mode enabled as well for institutions that don’t have physical machines.

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