Consultancy Services

We bring to the table many different valuable Consultancy Services that directly impact core departments and enhances their productivity and their common practices to be more standardized, optimized, and productive.

Our Services enable you to plan for success by guiding you through all the required steps and milestones. Our team of experts will help identify what is needed through a detailed Status Analysis (Gap), provide an achievable road map that counts for your available resources, and assist with any challenges during implementation.


Our Consultancy Phases

Phase 1: Analysis

The Status Assessment and Recommendations is the first step towards the correct planning for Digital Assessment. Here, we assist the educational institution in knowing their readiness by delivering on the following stages and finalizing by providing the Recommendation Report

Phase 2: Roadmap

Based on the “Recommendations Report” which will provide the modifications needed and the resources availability, a Road Map plan with activities and timeline will be produced.

Knowledge Transfer Sessions

Expert Workshops

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