Interactive Multimedia Assessment

Interactive multimedia assessment allows students to learn while they watch a video or listen to an audio, their cognitive process is evaluated, and it’s proven that it provides more effect on their knowledge intake.


The authors for the interactive multimedia assessment can either create question and activities on the fly or load them from the questions bank. Authors can also customize practice/test interaction settings, upload media files to the questions and add tips and hints to the added audio or video file.


The student will experience Self-learning using the interruptive assessment methodology, the ability to replay the video or audio files if needed. In addition to having the ability to repeat the activities and questions in it based on the restrictions and limits. 


For reporting and analytics of each activity, you can track the student’s overall information stats, result of the student’s activities, interaction precise stats. Advanced analytics can be found such as comparisons between students answers and graphs representing how each student did in the activity.

Product Benefits

Enables flipped learning

Allow student to learn themselves by giving them access to to learning material classroom resources.

Unlock Deep Insights

Understand how your students are engaging with different multimedia and unlock playable patterns, activity analysis and measure concept understanding

Active Learning

Interact with realistic models instead of working with static images

Experiences Mapped to Outcomes

Map your models and media questions to expected learning outcomes

Multiple Experiences

Configure your test and practice sessions with multiple retakes, playback and activity options

Multiple Interaction Modes

Engage students in drag-apart, hotspot, markers and more

Product Use Cases

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