A comprehensive solution for managing paper-based assessments in a smart, streamlined and automated process

How does a

SmartPaper Exam Work?

Lets go through a quick overview of how SmartPaper Exams are created

Create Exam

Configure the exam settings to allow paper-based delivery and add your questions

Design/Customize Exam Sheets

Design the exam cover sheet, customize the questions layout and formatting, and configure answers sheets settings

Print & Secure Sheets

Control printing access control privileges, and apply watermarking for security of answer sheets.

Scan Sheets (SmartPaper Scanner App)

Scan different answer sheets using the scanner app, and sync all your students responses for grading and reporting.

Manage Grading

Grade the open-ended responses using GradeMate or the online grading tool.

Track & Report

Get informative insights and analytics on the SmartPaper Exam results, evidence, progress, and more.

The SmartPaper Scanner App

Manage and orchestrate your scanning workloads by uploading multiple answer sheets in any order, any orientation and for multiple exams. The app identifies student’s answers, auto-grading bubble questions and cropping open-ended for manual grading. It supports both online and offline modes for continuous and uninterrupted workloads.

Any Paper, Any Printer, Any Scanner

The Smart Paper solution requires no special paper, no special printer or special scanner. Use your own resources to facilitate the needs of paper based exam.

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Higher Education

Higher Education

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Vocational Education

Vocational Education

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Certification/Licensure Programs

Certification/Licensure Programs

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Corporate Learning

Corporate Learning

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