User Management​​

Whether you are a school, college or a training firm – there is a way for you to manage your users. Break them down into terms, semesters or just group them according to topic and teacher. All changes to details are simplified through one screen for your convenience.

Manage User Data Provisioning

We have different schemes for onboarding and provisioning users’ data which includes school scheme, university scheme and general scheme. It’s also important to have a complete understanding of the structure and mapping of users, roles, students’ enrollments based on the institution account type.

Manage Student Enrollment

Align students on multiple groups and categories based on their schedules and plan for the semester. Student enrollment control has statuses which allow you to enable/disable it based on the registeration or enrollment changes during the term


Various Assigning Options​

You can have multiple options for assigning examinees to exams, practices or survey such as assigning all examinees, assigning all by gender, assigning by group or assign student with disabilities.

Import Users

Import your users whether your existing database is an Active Directory, CSV, Office365, you can import all of your users onto your SwiftAssess portal instantly with the full compatibility of SIS Importing templates that are SIF compliant in addition to API integrations.

Users Access Control

Full flexibility and bulk operations for importing users with access controls depending on Roles and custom permissions and scopes.

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