Assignments & Projects

Build Assignments & Projects that engage your students in continuous activities

Main Benefits

Graded using a standardized Rubric

Use the rubric as a standard to grade the assignments and project’s which will help you grade fairly using a set of criteria that must be achieved. Grading assignments and projects are also available using GradeMate which can help you download the data offline and grade it.

Advanced Submission Options

Be flexible with the assignments and project settings by allowing advanced options such as allow late submission, allow reviewing the submission, and allowing large attachments to be submitted by the user.

Rich Student Submissions

Students can have additional options when submitting the assignments and projects because the platform allows them to submit a lot of formats and file sizes

Informative Analytics

Assignment Responses analytics that shows you all students results against the selected assignment, broken by group and/or area which shows total marks, grader feedback and more

LMS Simple Integration

The ability to have an integration for this module with your current LMS which allows you to use all our assignments and projects features integrated in your LMS

Mapped to your Learning Outcomes

Map your assignments and projects to your curriculum’s learning outcomes which will help you measure it later in the analytics and distinguish the achievement level of this learning outcomes

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