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SwiftAssess is a unique assessment platform that helps you assess law students of various fields of law. Our platform provides you with the best practices for the creation, delivery, and grading of online law assessments on CAPA, NCBE, LPC, LEAD, and more!

Gain Access to Our Powerful and Comprehensive Question Bank

With over 30 question types, SwiftAssess’s question bank helps law schools and institutions to evaluate their students more effectively.

Scenario: Create mock court cases to test law students’ critical thinking abilities.

Section-Based: Prepare your students for their CPA, CFP, PCM, and more

Essay: Gain insight from comprehensive long answer questions

True/False: These question types allow you to test law students on the intricacies of the law

Multiple Choice: Test knowledge in commercial, property, constitutional, family law, and more!

Fill in the blanks: Test law students on their understanding by filling in missing words from a law or case

Develop Public Speaking Skill for Your Law Students with Observer

Law students must learn how to present information clearly to a court, as well as defend their client and their interests.

Meet Observer! With our powerful and innovative tool, you can create observational forms to test your students on measurable public speaking skills.

Create Standardized Bar Exams That are Safe and Reliable

We cater to all kinds of Bar exams in any field. Whether CAPA, NCBE, LPC, LEAD, and more! SwiftAssess can help you create it!

Create multiple timed sections for exams like CAPA and LEAD
Create questions that use multimedia like images, witness statements, and case history
Use multimedia tools to cover topics like dispute settlement
Use simulation questions to provide realistic jury deliberations
Present case studies on real court cases and client issues
Utilize an extensive question bank to create long response questions

SmartPaper: The Paper Exam Solution You Always Wanted

From creation, to grading and reporting, SmartPaper covers all your needs for a wholistic law assessment

Design exam sheets best fit the medical major you are targeting

Configure your tests to follow the scheme you want!

Gain informative analytics on how your medical students performed

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