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Meet SwiftAssess; A powerful digital assessment platform that covers your every need. We provide you with the best practices for the creation, delivery, and grading of your online assessments.

Create a Digital Learning Library for Your IB Students

With SwiftAssess, you can help your students develop their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, apply their knowledge in an independent manner, and use digital technologies for the creation of their projects and essays.

An Extensive Question Bank with Over 30 Question Types

If you are doing IB courses, you can use our question bank to develop standard IB testing and evaluation criteria that span multiple filtering and mapping capabilities, question review and approval workloads, along with authoring mode and much more!

Observer: A Holistic Assessment Tool for Creative Minds

Meet Observer! With our powerful and innovative tool, you can create observational forms to evaluate your IB students on various flexible and adjustable metrics.

Assignments & Projects: The Infrastructure You Need for Your IB Assessments

SwiftAssess is here to help you engage your students in practical and foundational that accomplish the goals of the IB curriculum. Our Assignments and Projects tool provides you with many exciting features including:

  • Develop the research capabilities of your IB students whether they are in Primary Years, Middle Years, or Diploma Program. Promote a sense of inquiry and active learning.
  • Support your Primary Years Program IB students in undertaking a collaborative project that investigates a real-world problem and offers a solution to it.
  • Promote independent learning for your Middle Years Program IB students with the creation and completion of a long-term project.
  • Encourage your Diploma Program IB students with their independent extended research paper and their final project with the theme of creativity, activity, and service.

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