SwiftAssess provides different schemes and options for grading which help graders save time and effort, in addition to making grading effective and reduces human errors

Main Benefits

Discrete Marking

Grading written questions types in SwiftAssess is divided into two types only, Discrete marking is adding marks based on the stickers and building of grading criteria to compute the final grade of the question directly

Grading Distribution / Double Marking

Mass-grading distribution module for handling Manual/Automatic grading load distribution of questions/responses and setting threshold values, cut-off scores, and tracking performance of each grader with ability to re-allocate work between different graders based on their progress


Rekeying/Regrading ​

Re-keying Workflow support in the question bank to enable re-grading of questions with wrong configuration and reflecting new marking on all previous results, specific result or approve new version for further distribution​

Manage your Rubrics​

Create and manage rubrics that helps grading using criteria and standards for the responses of the open-ended questions which is a standard way of fair grading by giving a score to each criteria in the response

GradeMate App

Perform manual grading using “GradeMate” app – the comprehensive Assignment and Assessment mobile grading solution. Download your work, grade offline at your own pace, and sync back whenever you are ready!​

Grade Offline

Download responses offline and do the entire grading without connecting to the internet

Bulk Grading

Save time and effort by doing the grading for multiple examinees in one view for the grader

Grading Exams & Assignments

Grade Assignments, Projects and Open-Ended Responses such as Handwriting, Essays, and Audio Recorded Scripts (both text and mathematic modes)

Annotate and Navigate

GradeMate allows the graders to use all its capabilities from annotation on the responses and navigation

Plagiarism Check

Using the plagiarism check to identify any type of copy pasting, cheating in the responses

Anonymous Grading

Grade the responses of your students without knowing the identity of the examinee to enable transparency in your grading scheme

Filter Responses

Be productive and use the tools that allows you filter responses based on your preferred criteria to start grading

Semi Automate grading (Ai)

Using Artificial Intelligence to Semi-Automate manual grading for Handwritten and spoken responses

Annotation Experience

Grading on devices does not limit the grading experience! You can still do annotation on the student’s responses and highlight specific words or sentences to clarify your grade.

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