AI Proctor​

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Running secure digital assessment sessions for remote test-takers, The AI Proctor gives an additional layer of test security by capturing possible cheating events​

How it Works?

AI Proctor in 4 simple steps

Photo ID & Verification

Entering the exam session using the student's photo ID to verify its the same student attempting the test

Camera & Microphone Access

The system accesses both the camera and microphone for proctoring

Taking a session by the student

Will be computer vision and AI Proctor enabled which allows the system to detect prohibited events

Video Recording & Forensic Reports

Reports and analytics will be generated for each AI Proctored test to give more details about the events occurred in the test

Capture Cheating Events

Student absent, un-authorized person, wrong gaze, window changing, screen sharing, multiple persons, speech capture and much more

Detailed Forensic Analysis

Access all session information for each examination session and view all captured and highlighted events,search and watch videos feeds and clips related

Scalable and Flexible

Can be implemented in any public, private cloud and dedicated servers, with high number of simultaneous sessions which doesn't affect the user experience

Extendible by Design

Bring the real time video feeds with real time alerts to customized dashboards for decision makers and empowering online monitoring

Powered by AI

Doesn’t require human proctors to be available and monitoring different sessions via continuous video feeds, captures real time events without delay

Customized Actions

Configure different outcomes based on different events or behavior that takes place during a session administration (blocking, termination, warning, etc...)

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