Our Partnership with Microsoft

GamaLearn is a strategic Microsoft Global Education Partner, offering our customers a premium service using Cloud, AI, Mobility, IoT, and more to assist with their digital transformation journey. We have a global partner network that is ever-growing, through our strategic partnership with Microsoft in Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Authorized Educational Partner for Microsoft

GamaLearn is an Microsoft AEP “Authorized Educational Partner” and working with MEA, NEPA, Africa and APAC regions providing our cloud-based solutions to clients and partners


Integration Ecosystem

SwiftAssess integrates with a lot of Microsoft eco-system such as Office 365, Cognitive Services, Teams and much more

Microsoft Teams Integration

SwiftAssess Assignments and Exams on Teams

SwiftAssess’s seamless integration with Teams allows teachers to assign their students to take quizzes, exams and submit assignments directly from Microsoft Teams

Benefits out of the box:

Teachers can access grading for a specific assessment activity through GradeMate or Online Grading

Teachers can access real-time dashboards and proctoring views for an assessment activity

Students can access tabs containing the assessment activities and take them seamlessly from within Teams

Teachers can access, select and pin different assessment activities (exams, practice tests, & assignments)

Teachers can access results for a specific assessment activity

Why use Microsoft Azure?

SwiftAssess is hosted on azure which saves time, money and stress. It mainly offers flexibility, scalability, allowing your business to scale up or down to meet demand instantly and security
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SwiftAssess Apps Available on the Windows Store

All SwiftAssess apps are available on the windows store

  • GradeMate Assignment and Assessment mobile grading solution. Download your work, grade offline and sync whenever you’re ready.
  • Observer A comprehensive mobile solution for evaluating practical skills, measuring cognitive abilities and compliance testing.
  • SwiftAssess application is also available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft Azure AppSource as a preffered solution. 

Success Stories with Microsoft Solutions