Simple and Intuitive UI

All our applications on web and on mobile are compliant with the main standards WCAG A, AA and AAA. This makes us always care about the simplicity of using our application besides making sure the user experience, ease of use, productivity, instinctive design is always at its best.​

Accessibility for Teachers and Faculty

Our mission for teachers, instructors, staff or admins was always clear that we needed to make our web application and mobile apps as accessible as possible for them and that is what we did in our recent apps GradeMate, Observer that were already built with Accessibility in mind.

Accessibility in Authoring

For Question and Exam Authors, we understand that SwiftAssess to them means that they will spend most of their time creating questions, then building exams and designing it. So, we made sure accessibility options are available there such as adding extra time, disabling question timers/attempts, allowing secure browsers and more.

Accessibility in Delivering

SwiftAssess for examinees is mainly the exam viewer and the user experience of it. So, when we built it, we made sure to empower it with additional accessibility options such as controlling the text size, font size, text spacing, magnifying image control and theme modes. Which will be saved automatically and saved time and effort for the examinee.

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Digital Exam Accessibility Features

  • Extra Time Allows the examinees to have an additional time to solve the exams when the normal time ends.
  • Adjust Color Scheme control the theme and color scheme of your exam environment
  • Control Questions Font From font type, size, spacing and more which gives the students the ultimate freedom while solving the exam
  • Magnify Image Control how big or small images are shown in the questions
  • Multi-lingual Interface Which lets the user switch languages on the spot

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