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SwiftAssess provides you with the best practices for the creation, delivery, and grading of your online medical assessments on OSCE, DOPS, OSPE, MEQ tests, and more.

Virtual Labs: A Powerful Solution for Digital Clinical Learning & Assessments

Clinical Applications from the Comfort of Your Home with Interactive Assessments

Upload videos that bring your students closer to the practice of medicine and instill practical understanding.
Bring fundamental principles and clinical applications to life with interactive multimedia experiences with real patients
Upload videos and courses to help students understand procedures for diagnosis needed for clinical practice and patient care
Use multimedia tools to help students form diagnoses from symptom presentations.
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Evaluate Practical Skills for Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, & Dietetic students with the Observer Application

Create Standardized Medical Board Exams That are Safe and Reliable

With a comprehensive question bank and multimedia capabilities, we cater to all kinds of board exams. Whether it be ABIM, USMLE, GMC, AMC, or others, SwiftAssess can help you create it!

Promote Critical Thinking and Comprehensive Assessment for Your Pharmacy Students

  • Prepare your students for board exams like NAPLEX and KAPS with an extensive digital library
  • Utilize our expansive multimedia library to provide images and videos on the chemical composition of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Train your pharmacy students’ critical thinking by using Virtual Labs to promote biomedical and pharmaceutical research.

Ensure Quality Education for Telemedicine Practitioners and Students

Prepare your students for practicing telemedicine using certified digital tools like HIPAA compliant virtual communication tools.

Utilize our digital tools with multimedia capabilities such as videos and images to test your students on different cases and diagnoses.

Teach your students the skills needed to practice telemedicine such as clinical presentation

Keep your professionals up to date with the telemedicine guidelines

SmartPaper: The Paper Exam Solution You Always Wanted

From creation, to grading and reporting, SmartPaper covers all your needs for a wholistic medical assessment

Design exam sheets best fit the medical major you are targeting

Configure your tests to follow the scheme you want!

Gain informative analytics on how your medical students performed

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