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Learning languages is critical to students’ success in higher education and in the workforce. By far, the greatest job skill for the 21st century, the global labor force has identified foreign languages and related skills as skills that can be mastered to enhance their career and help them compete for the positions that may be available.

At SwiftAssess, we believe in the power of language. We help you assess the literary skill of students in any language and prepare them for standardized assessments like IELTS, CIMA, TELC, TOCFL, TOEIC, and many more!

Develop Speaking Skills for Your Students with Observer

  • Observer fully supports speaking exams
  • Deliver presentations with the Observer app
  • Compatible with desktops, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Multiple options from playback, recording, and more!
  • AI-powered speech-to-text conversion for semi-auto grading capabilities
  • Add audio recordings of your students during their speaking exams for grading and review

Gain Access to Our Powerful and Comprehensive Question Bank

With over 30 question types, SwiftAssess’s question bank helps language
schools and institutions to evaluate their students more effectively.

Vocabulary questions

We provide a variety of question types that help you assess the vocabulary of your students.

Grammar questions

Almost all the question types provide a solid assessment for grammar type questions.

Writing questions

We provide a variety of questions types to test the writing ability of students

Reading questions

Among the many question types, SwiftAssess’s scenario-based question has the capability of: 

SmartPaper: The Paper Exam Solution You Always Wanted

Answer Customization

Customize answer sheets to include various features like different versions, response areas, page numbers, custom backgrounds, and more!

Scanner App

Use our Scanner app to scan responses and enable an integrated grading experience on both digital and paper-based responses

Hybrid Assessment

Why stick to one? Create a hybrid assessment that combines both paper-based and digital formats!

Other Key Features

Block language assistance features such as autocorrect, autosuggest, and auto spell

Adjust the quality of listening, reading, speaking, and writing questions for students with disabilities

Use AI Proctor for fully AI powered proctoring with features like headset usage, camera access, and capture of possible cheating events like wrong gaze or reading from external sources

Leverage AI-power semi-auto grading and rubric-integrated grading, advanced filtering options, Turnitin integration, and more!

Gain customizable analytics that can be exported in multiple formats such as section-based scoring

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