Evaluating And Assessing Vocational Skills

Transform traditional ways of field testing and vocational skills evaluation by facilitating advanced learning experiences that are both immersive and interactive for your learners

Assessment in Vocational Education Context

Practical Evaluation Tools

Transform your traditional evaluations to fully interactive, mobile and automated experiences with multiple ways to capture performance indicators. Manage your entire evaluation and track seamlessly with minimal clicks and automated actions

Immersive 3D-based Experiences

Providing immersive experiences to learners from 3D based objects to multimedia content that will help learners connect more with the learning material. In addition, it enables active learning which will affect them positively

Teachers Mobile Tools

Enabling teachers and instructors to have all the needed tools such as the mobile grade app and the Observer app for evaluation on any platform. One of the main benefits of using the apps is having your work downloaded offline which enables teachers to work on it without internet connection

Skills, Competences and Outcomes

Focusing on the student's skills, competencies and expected outcomes of each lesson given to students which can be measured and improved

Assessment Virtual Labs

Unlock virtual labs that allows learners to experience and interact more with what they are learning

Linking Activities to External Standards

Linking existing activities to National Quality Framework (NQF) which has quality standards to improve education and care across long day care, preschools, kindergartens and outside school hours care services

SwiftAssess for Vocational Education Whitepaper​

SwiftAssess for Vocational Education Whitepaper​

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