SwiftAssess Value Bundles

Value Bundles offer a simplified, pre-packaged offering based on different Plans from SwiftAssess, ranging from bundles aimed at Small and Medium, all the way to Enterprise and Large Organizations – Whether you’re an educational institution, a testing center, or a corporate learning and training department.

User License Model

This licensing model allows organizations to offer unlimited exam sessions per student/candidate across an unlimited number of Courses/Modules throughout your subscription duration and based on the Plan features available to you.

User License
Test Vouchers

Test Vouchers Model

This licensing model allows organizations to offer exam sessions based on Test Vouchers, where every exam session uses a single Test Voucher.

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Value Bundles Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction:
    These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern your use of the Value Bundles offered by SwiftAssess. You agree to abide by these Terms by purchasing or using any bundle.

  2. Definitions:
    User: Any individual or entity using the value bundles.
    Value Bundles: Assessment packages offered by SwiftAssess.

  3. License Grant:
    SwiftAssess grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the selected bundle per the terms specified herein.

  4. Usage Rights and Restrictions:
    • Users may access and use the assessments within the scope of the purchased bundle.
    • Users must not redistribute, sell, or sublicense the contents of the bundles.
    • Unauthorized sharing of login credentials is prohibited.

  5. Payment and Renewal:
    • Payment must be made in full before accessing the bundle.
    • Bundles are subject to renewal as per the plan selected. Users will be notified before renewal.

  6. Changes to Terms:
    SwiftAssess reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time. Users will be notified of significant changes.

For more details, don’t hesitate to get in touch with sales@gamalearn.com

Value Bundles FAQ

Value Bundles are packaged assessment solutions offered by SwiftAssess, providing a variety of tools and resources for educational and training purposes.

You can purchase Value Bundles directly through the SwiftAssess website.

No, you can only purchase one subscription at a time.

Each bundle includes a selection of assessments tools, and resources tailored to different needs. Detailed descriptions are available on the SwiftAssess website.

Upon successful payment, you will receive access credentials via email. Use these credentials to log in and access your subscription with the activated value bundle.

No, sharing your subscription credentials or details is prohibited and will result in suspension of your account.

Billing is managed through a Customer Portal. Bundles are subject to renewal based on the plan you select. You will receive notifications before your subscription renews.

Contact SwiftAssess support for assistance with any issues related to your subscription.

Yes, you can upgrade or change your bundle by contacting SwiftAssess support team or directly from your Manage Billing screen under “My Account”

Yes, usage is limited to the terms specified in the User License Agreement. Unauthorized use, sharing, or redistribution is prohibited.

You can cancel your subscription through your account settings or by contacting SwiftAssess support. Note that terms for cancellation and refunds may apply.

The Customer Portal allows you to manage SwiftAssess subscriptions, view invoices, and update payment information.

You can log in using the credentials provided via email after your purchase.
You can update your card or bank account details directly through the portal.

You can cancel your subscription via the Customer Portal.