Empowering 21st Teachers With The Right Assessment Instruments

SwiftAssess provides teachers with the right tools to enable students’ active learning, higher-order thinking and to measure their knowledge intake

Assessment in K-12 Context

Formative & Summative

Allowing teachers to conduct formative assessments (in-class activities) like quizzes and group activities and summative assessments such as Midterms, Projects and Final Exams

National Exams

Providing the tools to create national assessments which measures students’ skills and knowledge as they complete their general education and move to their higher education

Practical (Design & Technology)

Providing opportunities for students to develop their skills and capabilities and adding it to their knowledge and understanding in order to create quality products and Create Arts

Immersive Assessments

Enabling flipped learning to allow students to learn individually using multimedia and 3D-based assessments and activities which interruptedly asks the student questions during the session

Adult & Home Exams

Assessing secure and independent exams for adults who prefer to stay at home and continue the journey of learning

Personalized Assessments

Enabling Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) which is a method of administering exams that adapts to the examinee’s skills and score on the previous exams

Psychometric Assessments

Create a variety of test and evaluations to measure the student’s essential behaviors, attitudes and skills

Early Education

Providing tools to assess and evaluate kids from early stages using standard tests such as ASQ3 & Hand-holding

Multiple Curriculums

Supporting multiple curriculums structures such as the British, American, National and custom structured curriculums

SwiftAssess for Ministry of Education​

SwiftAssess offers some enterprise features that helps ministries transform their assessment life cycle which includes authoring, delivering, grading and reporting on country-wide assessment

Supported Curriculums

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Digital Assessment




Immersive Assessment

Stakeholders in K-12


Parents can login using Parents account which is linked to one or more students to check their exam results reports, overall progress and know their weaknesses


Students can take the exams on digital machines or normal papers. They can also access the platform using their personal accounts to check their exam results


Teachers are given all the tools to create exams for their students. In addition to having autograding for the question and accessing multiple advanced reports


School Principals can have an overview admin reports which show them live dashboard of exams stats and facts, comparison between groups in addition to multiple analytics on course and grades

Operations Department

Operations team and field engineers can check on the computer labs compatibility, infrastructure statuses and log it directly using SwiftAssess which gives full reports about devices readiness and compatibility

ICT Department

Technical department can have an overview on all the machines and instances and can troubleshoot errors and fix it directly from dashboards that are given to them to control the entire process

SwiftAssess for K-12 Whitepaper

SwiftAssess for K-12 Whitepaper

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