Measure and Evaluate Your Frontline Employees’ Productivity and Performance

Ensure that the effectiveness of your frontliners is always on top

With SwiftAssess, you can launch effective performance reviews to support decisions related to training, career development, performance, and much more! We help you construct tests measure your frontline employees’ productivity and performance.

Meet Observer! The All-in-One Solution to Frontline Performance Testing

Meet Observer! The All-in-One Solution to Frontline Performance Testing

Not an Office Job? No Problem! Reach Your Frontline Any Time, Any Where

From sales representatives, delivery drivers, caretakers, and more, we provide you with ample opportunity to reach out to them and deliver the right message.

Make Sure You Hire the Right Fit for Your Frontline Team

The Observer app helps you to perform pre-hiring evaluations. We transform your current forms into a digital Observer form that could be easily filled.

Create interview evaluation forms to check the attitude of your potential frontline hires.

Check whether your new frontline workers need training and their work experience.

Easily check off whether you accept the frontline worker with an adjustable checklist and comments.

Create psychometric tests to measure the skills, aptitude, personality, and knowledge of candidates

Frontliners are The Face of Your Company; Utilize Their Insights!

We provide you with extensive capabilities to create surveys to your frontliners. Gain your employees insights with intuitive surveys


Gain reports and analytics with critical information from your frontline on customer behavior.

Create short or thought invoking questions for your frontliners

Allow your workers to do the surveys on any device, at any time.

Use the advanced analytics you gain from the surveys to make decisions

Find Out How Effective Training and Compliance Testing Are on Your Frontliners

Meet standards set by boards like OSHA, ISO, and NFPA by ensuring your training effectiveness by creating engaging and human-centric compliance tests with SwiftAssess.


Automate the priority of compliance testing to make your frontliners on top of it.

Create engaging observational modules instead of redundant box checking forms.

Achieve maximum efficiency by integrating the compliance test, using Observer, into the workflow of your frontliners.

Make sure the training sticks by creating comprehensive questions using our extensive question types.

Gain Detailed Analytics Through Comprehensive Testing Methods

Through our state-of-the-art tools, you are able to gain extensive reports on the things you care about.

  • Use our analytics to find your employees’ strong and weak points.
  •  Split your analytics into various frontline teams to understand what training each team needs.  
  •  Our analytics help keep frontliners and managers connected.  
  •  Ensure your business strategy is prioritized by checking reports on the surveys and forms you create. 

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