Offline Exam Solution (ACU)​

The ACU (Assessment Cache Unit) is a solution that aims to provide a local-secure copy of the assessment and facilitate running assessments with ease and schedule submission/syncing of results whenever a connection is possible​

Secure as a Blackbox

The ACU implements encryption from datacenter to ACU, ACU to candidate device, and device to ACU. All data is cached, stored and synced securely and autonomously using intelligent background services without the need for any human intervention.​

Supports High-Stake Exams

The ACU server has a proven record of supporting wide-scale & high-concurrency exam sessions of thousands of students doing the exam at the same time using the same ACU server. Its the safest option to be deployed to school/college campuses.

Offline Exam Capabilities

The exam experience on the ACU is exactly similar to the online exam which downloads the entire exam questions before the exam starts and prepares it to the student who will not feel the difference between an online and ACU exam

Supports Multimedia

Multimedia files such as Videos, Audio files, images and 3D objects can be added to the ACU exam and it will load perfectly to the examinees since its downloaded to the machine before the exam starts

Automated Workflow

Once the exam is published to the examinees, the ACU takes care of downloading it, preparing it to the student and even making sure that they submitted the exam after finishing it. There is no human dependency or intervention on it.

Backup Ready

The ACU instance for colleges and schools has a clone backup of it which stayed awake and ready to be used in urgent cases if an instance stopped working due to electricity, technical issue occurred

Proctoring Features


Proctor Dashboard

Providing Invigilation and Proctor-level dashboards for progress monitoring, test session control and audit. A real time dashboard for proctors enables them to be ahead of all the progress, updates and statuses of the examinees test session

Realtime Exam Controls

The ACU also can administer changes to ongoing test sessions centrally and gets reflected immediately to all test center instances in addition to authoring everything at a centralized level and administer all the tests in a decentralized fashion

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