Test Authoring

Introducing Test Authoring feature in SwiftAssess. Supporting multiple authoring schemes whether it’s for digital, paper-based, or hybrid exams.

Multiple Authoring Schemes

Create your digital exam and control its own rules and settings to customize it the way you want from Interaction, Security and Accessibility options available.

Configure the exams to be Paper Based exams which activates selected types of questions and allows the author to design the exam question and answer sheets.


Main Authoring Features

Test Delivery

Manage your exam settings from additional tools that can be used by the examinee, configuring the exam type and more.


Add additional accessibility options to your exams such as extra time in addition to the normal exam time, disabling question timers or disable the number of attempts for the question.


Controlling the security level of the exam session by adding a Secure Browser, enabling AI Proctor, adding a password for the exam and more.


See how the exam looks like the point of view of the examinee after you create, this gives you a good feedback before you publish it to the public.

Test Behavior

Manage exam interaction settings by choosing exam’s important dates, display settings and submission settings.

Test Scheduling

Specify who is assigned and eligible to take the exams by assigning them all, by gender, by campus/school or by group.

Multiple Assessment Schemes

SwiftAssess offers multiple assessment schemes including Formative, Summative, Psychometric, Observational, National/International Standardized tests, as well as Self-based tests- whether Centralized and Decentralized.

Assessment Modes

Providing different modes of delivery such as Fixed form, randomized with criteria, or Standardized assessment structure (LOFT – linear on the fly). Supporting multiple modes for practice and testing and observational form sessions, review settings, and session control measures.​

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