Question Bank Management

With more than 30+ Question Types, SwiftAssess offers a solid Question banking capability that spans multiple filtering and mapping capability, question review and approval workflows, power-authoring mode, and much more.



Multiple Choice

Written and Spoken




Classify, Match and Order

Review/Rekey Advanced Workflow

Enabling a strict “optional” procedure for institutions that prefers a teacher that creates multiple questions and a higher-level coordinator who reviews the questions, approves them and publishes them to the public. In addition to the Rekey workflow which allows changing the correct answer of questions after publishing it

Main Benefits

Mapping Questions to Curriculums

One of the crucial advantages in having a question bank Is mapping the questions that you create to the program’s existing lessons, learning outcomes and bloom taxonomy in order to measure the examinees’ achievement after the exam
Question Media Library

Questions Media Library

Create and manage your questions media library, that can be images, videos, audio files, 3D Objects and sketches. You can also tag the media files to locate them easily.

Configure Security and Access Rights

Whether high-stake item pools, teacher-pools, or centralized/decentralized question pools, our Question bank engine helps you set the right access rules and scope for your teachers and faculty and protect your most valuable assets

Management Workspace

Manage the Questions Bank workspace and use our components to search and filter for questions, reuse existing questions and archiving questions

Questions Lifecycle Management

The history of all the questions in your hands. See the impact of this questions in different exams, difficulty percentage and the results of the students in solving this question by looking at standard P-values that can help improve the question

Stats & Metrics Export

Get all the needed statistics and metrics needed in your hands from questions details, settings and more. Export all the needed statistics in one file to analyze

Import your Questions to SwiftAssess

If you have premade questions or have question sets, you can import them onto SwiftAssess. You can import CSV, IMS-QTI packages, so you don’t have to author from scratch. Upload your packages and the questions will be added to your questions bank instantly.

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