Access Control​

Managing users access roles, scopes and authorization through access control settings.

Main Benefits

Managing Users Access Roles

As a full admin, control access scopes and permissions given to all users under your account based on their roles in the educational institution

Multi-Areas Roles

Enabling administrator and users on specific areas which can represent college branches, schools or campuses. Each area can have their own admin and roles

Multiple Admin levels

Providing multiple levels for admins in the system starting from a full account admin to a limited admin such as the teacher who can access limited pages in the account

Specific Access Control Cases

Giving you real case scenarios from our clients

Teacher-Specific Questions Bank

Teachers can have a questions bank that cannot be accessed by other teachers if its for quizzes that will be given to his/her students. This gives privacy and security to teacher's work and questions.

Decentralized Exams

Programs policy plans allows decentralized exams to be done in each area or campus. Which gives teachers the ability to create their questions and exams which will be distinguished from the general exams list.

Administrator Levels on SwiftAssess

Full Administrator

  • Controls all admins and users access roles and permissions
  • Highest Authority in the account
  • Access All Programs and Reports
  • Can't access questions bank and assessment pages
  • Limited Admin

  • Teachers and Staff account type
  • Access based on permissions given
  • Can't or control other users
  • This account can be disabled
  • Area Admin

  • Controls all admins under this area only
  • Highest Authority in the area
  • Can be controlled by a full admin only
  • Order Notifications
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