SwiftAssess offers a range of connectors out-of-the-box that help bridge between different platforms in the organization’s ecosystem. Some of those include LTI connector, QTI for standard question interoperability, APIs and more.

Connect your platform to ours

We are ready to integrate with your existing LMS, SIS, CMS or other platforms like Google Apps for Work/Education, Office365 and much more.

Import your Content using Standard Connectors

Import content like media library files and questions using pre-defined csv or excel templates, or from IMS QTI standard packages, this option can be used to make questions much more interactive in types that use Adobe Captivate where an examinee follows steps to simulate the question.

Custom Integration
We also provide additional and customized connecters that is considered out of scope and needs to be planned, budgeted and executed separately.

Office365 integration for single sign on

Azure Integration for Cognitive services and AI Framework

Powerful APIs

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