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SwiftAssess provides complete ease of use, improved data management and higher-level analytic capabilities. It enables an innovative approach to assessing student progress, based on a combination of the existing curriculum design and the best practices in assessment. The result is an efficient, powerful, and cost-effective assessment tool.

An Extensive Question Bank with Over 30 Question Types

By using SwiftAssess’s question bank, examiners can design high-stake examinations like the SAT and AP. You can administer the exams fast and efficiently in a variety of subject matters throughout the American curriculum. In only a few minutes, you can create personalized exams and receive immediate reports on your students’ performance

MCQ: Test the knowledge of your students and familiarize them with standardized exam formats.

Fill-in-the-Blanks: Test your students on their ability to understand the context of the presented sentence.

Scenario: Test your students’ ability to see the big picture!

Short Response: Check whether students are able to infer the meaning behind a given text.

Essay: Test your students on their understanding of given prompts. Evaluate their ability to reason their thoughts and structure their essay in order to provide a clear argument.

Math Formulas: Standardized assessments like the SAT and formative assessments in subjects like mathematics and physics require the use of mathematical formula.

Create Standardized Exams That are Safe and Reliable

By using SwiftAssess, you can create standardized exams like the SAT, ACT, and AP exams with a variety of specialized tools. Using multimedia and an extensive question bank, you can create any kind of exam that spans multiple criteria and standards such as the Common Core State Standards.

Create multiple timed sections for exams like the SAT English and Math sections
Utilize an extensive question bank to create long response question to test examinees on their reasoning.
Use multimedia tools to cover the subjects you want like physics and chemistry
Present multimedia like graphs and tables with multiple question types
Present scenario type questions for the reading comprehension type questions in SAT English
Upload exam tutorials to walk examinees through the various stages of your standardized exam such as SAT English, Math, and Essay sections

Develop Public Speaking Skill for Your American Curriculum Students with Observer

Meet Observer! With our powerful and innovative tool, you can create observational forms to test your students on measurable public speaking skills.

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