Curriculum Management

Whether you are a school managing your K-12 grades and subjects or a University managing your academic programs, SwiftAssess offers you the right tools to manage your curriculum end-to-end including learning outcomes, assessment policies, lessons, standards and more. ​

Main Benefits

Classify your Programs

Classify your academic programs into personalized structure based on your institution. Multiple streams for the same grade for schools (Grade 9 science, Grade 9 arts, etc..) which also works for colleges and departments too in higher education structure

Common Courses

This feature enables using the same course in more than one academic program. The most important aspect of this feature is that the common course has a common question bank, shared learning outcomes. It also reduces the repetition of similar courses in the system

Policy Plan Items

Control the entire rules of your activities, quizzes and exams. Enabling you to control if the exam is centralized or not, percentage of each activity, usage rules of each activity and much more

Curriculum Breakdown

Your academic curriculum can be controlled, modified and managed on each aspect in it. Where you can control objectives, learning outcomes, courses, lessons and plan items which makes you personalize your own curriculum

More Features

Test Any Skill in Any Field

Our program structure can be used to test any skill for work for any industry whether it is vocational, service, public, military or governmental

Shape Your Curriculum

The success of any organization depends on its employees. Make sure your employees get the quality training they deserve by structuring your program based on international training standards

Issue Certificate

SwiftAssess generates certificates for users who have passed the program, these can be issued and sent to the examinees as attachments to emails.

Weighted Programs

Weighted programs means setting the course total grade to 100% which gives the flexibility to the exam creators to modify on exams marks since it will be converted to a hundred percent weight

Measure Effectiveness

You can measure the effectiveness of your programs by setting outcomes and indicators. You will be able to judge the achievement of your program using which gets you closer to accreditation excellence

Solidify Your Programs

Your programs are scalable and flexible. You have the freedom to formalize your program structure according to your needs. Whether Outcome Based or Skill Based or Training Based

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