About SwiftAssess

A comprehensive, outcome based assessment management platform designed for Education and Professional institutions in mind

What is it:

SwiftAssess is a one-stop shop for all your Assessment needs, ranging from tried-and-true methodologies and features that guides your journey through Authoring, Delivering and Tracking your assessment transformation strategy at all levels in your organization. SwiftAssess is one of the products designed and developed by GamaLearn

What does it do:

SwiftAssess offers multiple key solutions, features and workflows that streamlines and automates real assessment-processes in different institutions. This covers industry standards when it comes to security, accessibility, analytics, item banking and more. It was designed with bespoke components that answers to key-needs when adopted by K-12, Higher-Education and more

About GamaLearn - the creator of SwiftAssess

GamaLearn – founded in 1989 – has a mission of driving continuous innovation and niche solutions in the Education, Corporate & Government sectors. Through its portfolio of products, solutions, SME’s and 30+ years of strategic partnerships in the MENA region, GamaLearn has a proven track record of tried-and-true methodologies to disrupt both learning and assessment practices. GamaLearn is a strategic Microsoft partner (ISV/AEP/Co-Sell), offering our customers a premium service using Cloud, AI, Mobility, IoT, and more to assist with their digital transformation journey.

Our Methodology

Your most painful problems, solved

Use Timeline to plan projects right the first time. See how the pieces fit together so you can spot gaps and overlaps before you start.

Flexibility - above and beyond

Offering flexible hosting , delivery methods, various integration options and experiences. In addition to having multiple add-ons applicable for your plans​

Meeting the most demanding high-stake environments

SwiftAssess was designed with wide-scale and high-stake assessment delivery features to meet such demanding environments. SwiftAssess currently serves Ministries of Education serving hundreds of thousands of students accross hundreds of schools, with millions of test sessions across the academic year

Multiple Plans and Multiple Products

We offer different flavors of our platform to suit different sizes and needs of organizations across all sectors, with different products designed with precision for different requirements and challenges

A powerful SME & Partner network

supported by our leading global partnerships and SMEs around the world - streamlining everything from training, implementation, adoption, service delivery, and more

Services on top

We offer multiple different services on top of our platform to provide a comprehensive 360 degree turn-key solution. These services follow industry standards and can help speed up your adoption and on-boarding process within your time-frame and your pressing deadlines

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