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British Curriculum

The online British curriculum assessments platform you’ve always been looking for by SwiftAssess

SwiftAssess offers a comprehensive assessment and reporting system that enables the British curriculum to deliver results. You can use Swiftassess to write assessments, but it is also a flexible and powerful assessment management solution for schools. It allows you to author assessments through an intuitive, modern and easy to use interface.

An Extensive Question Bank with Over 30 Question Types

You can use the Question Bank to design and create self-assessment tests, end-of-unit assessments, summative and formative exams, continuous exams, and standardized assessments like the A-levels and GCSEs.

Math Formulas: Formulate your questions with ease using our provided math formula editor. Include a variety of mathematical formulas using scientific notation and much more!

Matching Images: Test your students on their understanding of graphical representations of things like chemical reactions, mathematical equations, and much more!

Scenario: Test your students on their technical knowledge along with their ability to analyze the presented graphs, data, and more to present logical arguments.

Weighted MCQ: Add a standardized element to your assessments to test the knowledge and understanding of your students.

Short Response: Short-response questions are the perfect blend of for easily identifying the strengths and weakness of the student

Essay: Test students on their critical thinking, creativity, and understanding of the main ideas.

Interactive Multimedia Assessment: An Extra Layer of Comprehension

SwiftAssess’s Interactive multimedia assessment allows students to learn while they watch a video or listen to an audio, their cognitive process is evaluated, and it’s proven that it provides more effect on their knowledge intake.

 By using the platform, you gain multiple benefits including:

Create Standardized Bar Exams That are Safe and Reliable

SwiftAssess helps you create standardized exams with a variety of tools to author the assessment you need. With a comprehensive question bank and multimedia capabilities, we cater to all kinds of standardized exams.
Whether it be A-levels, GCSEs, IGCSEs, or others, SwiftAssess can help you create it!


Create multiple timed sections for exams like the GCSE English Literature exams
Use multimedia tools to cover the topics you want from chemical reactions to electricity and magnetism
Present scenario question types used for the structured and linked questions
Create questions consisting of brief statements, graphs, and tables followed by multiple response questions.
Utilize an extensive question bank to create long response question to test examinees on their reasoning.
Upload exam tutorials to walk examinees through the various stages of your standardized exam such as Exam 1 and Exam 2 of the GCSE English Literature exam.

Mange Your Curriculum to Ensure You’re on The Right Path

The British Curriculum is one of the most successful education systems around the world. It has highly developed content, interactive multimedia content that works, and a national curriculum with a history of being an indicator for achievement.

Map your curriculum to standards and practices set by the British Council for various years and examinations.
Ensure your assessments are compliant with the British Council by mapping your policy plan items, exams, quizzes, projects, and essays.
Adjust your course outcomes according to their level to the expected outcomes of the British Council.
Include the grade mapping, taxonomy levels, and subjects for internal assessments and subjects to match the British Council scheme.

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