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SwiftAssess is a powerful digital assessment platform that helps your fine arts institutions on various artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, literature, theater, music, and more! SwiftAssess provides you with the best practices for the creation, delivery, and grading of your online fine arts assessments.

An Extensive Question Bank with Over 30 Question Types

Got painting students? We got you covered! Test your students on various techniques with our digital sketching question type. 

Test literature students on their critical thinking and analysis over a piece of literature 

Give a scenario to your fine arts students and see how they analyze it. Include multiple questions to the scenario for added depth! 

Music? Theater? Cinema? We have at all here! Allow your students to record an audio of their performance. 

What to test students on the different art forms they can identify? Use the Hotspot question type! 

Observer: The Assessment Tool You’ve Been Looking For!

Written forms are boring and tedious. You want something better. You want something convenient. We got your back!

Create Interactive Multimedia Assessments with SwiftAssess

With our platform you will be able to add interactive elements to your assessments to make sure your fine arts students get familiar with all the tools they need.

  • Enable flipped learning and give your art students a chance to learn by themselves with readily available learning resources
  • Engage your art students with multiple interactive questions like hotspot and make them distinguish between forms like contemporary and surrealist art.
  • Enable active learning with your students by providing realistic 3D models for them to analyze and tinker with
  • Use a variety of multimedia options such as videos and images to support the creative side of your students

Assignments & Projects: Expand the Social Sciences Horizon

Our Assignments and Projects provide you with many exciting features including:

We understand how subjective art can be. We're here to help! Grade using a standardized rubric to fairly assess your students on standards such as technique and form
Your artist in the making had a Eureka? Create flexible assignments and project settings to allow for late submission with our advanced submission options
Want to make sure you are achieving your learning outcomes? Map your art assignments and projects to your institution’s learning outcomes!
Gain informative analytics on selected assignments with multiple filtering options to help you gain a wholistic view and provide feedback to your art students

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