Digital Transformation For Any Higher-Ed Institution

Empowering Higher-Education institutions with the best solutions and products for digital exams. In addition to Running wide-scale remote & online exams that are scalable, flexible and secure.

Assessment in Higher Education Context


Achieve accreditation excellence for your programs seamlessly through outcome-based assessments

Admission Testing

Automate the admission testing process, streamline results and validate competencies and qualifications

Distance Learning

Accommodate your distant learners through online assessments, digital coursework and remote identification

Course Evaluations

Everything from surveys, tests, assignment, practical evaluations and immersive learning activities

Assessment Virtual Labs

Unlock virtual labs that allows learners to experience and interact more with what they are learning

Staff Professional Development​

Gauge and Engage your Current/Future employees by applying continuous performance evaluations​

SwiftAssess for Ministry of Higher Education​

SwiftAssess offers some enterprise features that helps ministries transform their assessment life cycle which includes authoring, delivering, grading and reporting on country-wide assessment

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Digital Assessment




Immersive Assessment

Whitepaper - SwiftAssess in Higher Education ​

Whitepaper - SwiftAssess in Higher Education ​

Stakeholders in Higher Education

Quality Department

Enabled full automation for accreditation and generating multiple different quality reports on academic programs, courses and more


Allowing them to do digital exams, submit assignments, extra practices and much more with no physical boundaries

Faculty Members

Reducing workloads by automation of grading, flexibility in managing questions banks and exams and getting exams reports

Colleges and Departments

Streamlining the workflows, roles and responsibilities. Visibility into the performance of each college or department


Managing users registration, enrollments to groups (CRNs) and exams

IT Department

Overview on all the machines and instances installed in-campus. Access to dashboards to control the entire process

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