Embedded Delivery

SwiftAssess allows you to embed your assessments and single-questions in different e-contents formats such iBook, EPUBs, PowerPoint Slides or Chromebook Apps. Backed by our cloud platform, students and trainees can now be assessed throughout their learning material, at any time and on any device – that’s the true power of the SwiftAssess Widget

Do Not Leave The Story Half Told

Unlock new potential for your digital content through the power of Embedded Assessments









Your Content Assessment Blueprint

Everything from a simple True/False question to a 3D-Based question – We have all you need to make your assessments more powerful, enriched and multi-disciplinary


24/7 Analytics & Usage Metrics

Keep track of your content usage through identifying what questions are answered most, how many tests have been taken, what platform has been used the most, and more!


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