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SwiftAssess helps your engineering institutions on various disciplines. We provide the best practices for the creation, delivery, and grading of your online engineering assessments on NCEES, PRC, NSPE, and more!

Virtual Labs: A Powerful Solution for Digital Practical Learning & Assessments

Evaluate Practical Skills for Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical & Civil Engineering students with the Observer Application

Create observational forms with Observer. Assess whether your industrial engineering students’ projects conform to industry standards.

Create Standardized Engineering Board Exams That are Safe and Reliable

Whether it be NCEES, PRC, NSPE, or others, SwiftAssess can help you create it!

Create multiple timed sections for exams like NCEES using the Observer App
Use multimedia tools to cover the engineering topics you want
Present your students with case studies based on real world scenarios
Create long response questions with an extensive question bank
Test the students’ time management in a case study with simulated time using Virtual Lab
Use 3D models to students on practical knowledge

Gain Access to Our Powerful and Comprehensive Question Bank

Promote critical thinking in your students by using the hotspot question type.

Test your students’ reasoning and communication skills with essay question types.

Scenario questions allow students to try to find their own solution to a problem, which is not always limited by a given set of options.

Students can simulate the model they build, test, and verify their assumptions or solutions.  

SwiftAssess Helps You Meet Local and International Engineering Standards and Accreditations

Here at SwiftAssess we provide you with multiple services to ensure your journey to accreditation is on the right path

Align your assessments to expected competencies, skill mastery, taxonomy levels, and more

Map your courses and programs to standardized outcomes like those in ITEEA, IEEE, NGSS, NQA, and more

Align with qualification pathways set by the NQA by mapping your credit accumulation schemes and competency

Create standardized engineering examination schemes in alignment with the goals of organizations like IEEE, NQA, and more!

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