Analytics and Reporting

SwiftAssess offers you valuable insight into all your assessment activities, giving you a 360 degree view whether you’re evaluating students, staff, assessment items or curriculum

Assessment Reports

The most important set of reports are the ones that get generated after exams which gives exam results, important statistics, detailed grades for each question and a detailed analysis on the difficulty of each question used in the exam.

Question Reports

It’s important to measure how powerful or weak the question is, we introduced question analysis reports to show us that using statistical methods which produces a P-value and Correlation Discrimination to give us a definite fact about how easy the question is and how much the question discriminates between the examinees level

It is important to have reports that show the big picture of the examinations process, which helps decision makers read, analyze these reports and do the give the right order to help boost the quality and standardization of the entire education process. We introduce reports that gives comparison between campuses and groups, get stats and facts about the exams results and attendance.

With the online exams’ live dashboards, you can have a full overview of the examinees’ progress by knowing how many examinees started a specific exam, number of questions solved, and time left for each. It can also show a full view of a specific area and give you general statistics of the exam’s attendance and absence rate

The platform logs all the details and actions that happens it, whether its actions, clicks and more that can be accessed by the account admin or digital exams logs and activity that allows you to make sure the examination process is going well without any flaws or breaches

With specially designed Survey metrics, you can get the feedback you require. The Survey reporting will help you target the right places for improvement and growth

Advanced Analytics

IRT & CTT Stats

SwiftAssess combines Item Response Theory (IRT) and Classical Test Theory (CTT) to power your analytics with psychometric quantitative and qualitative insights. This helps you identify weaknesses and reliability issues in your administered questions and tests, as well as utilize the resulting stats/graphs and cues to reflect on your authors and authoring process for better future administration sessions. With IRT, we’re also enabling the a modern psychometric way of supporting your standardized tests including questions analysis, test analysis, form assembly, equating of multiple forms, scoring, and algorithms for computerized adaptive testing (CAT) or linear on the fly testing (LOFT).

Course Effectiveness Analysis​

With guided analysis on every detail, you can see exactly how effective your course structure is. Using the Course Results Analytics, you can make sure that you don’t miss out on anything but deliver the best courses in quality and excellence.


Student Mastery Reports​

An out of the box report that measures the student’s achievements against the curriculum’s standards, skills, grade expectations, learning outcomes and activities done throughout the term. This report is crucial to pinpoint the weaknesses in each student in each course.

Academic Achievement Reports

You can get multiple reports regarding the curriculum you are managing which shows you the learning outcomes of a specific program and course with an achievement percentage. It also gives an overview for such as Program Results which gives you program percentage achieved, and the result of each learning outcome being achieved on this program

Exports & Email

With SwiftAssess, any representation generated by the portal can be instantly exported to convenient formats like CSV, PDF, and even as PNG/JPG images. Results of individual examinees can also be emailed as attachments


In addition to digital documents, SwiftAssess supports Print-Friendly Analytics that you can print out for physical reports and records

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Course Effectiveness Analysis​​

Student Mastery Reports

Academic Achievement Reports