SwiftAssess offers multiple ways of customizations for clients based on what we allow to be customized and changed, we make sure to include important features in most of our plans in order to avoid customizing unless it’s really needed.

Branding Customization

Which allows the clients to put on their logos and customize some specific fields that will be appear to their users.​

API-based Customization​

This covers any additional API-based customizations (new/modified methods in the SwiftAssess RESTful APIs). For integration purposes, SwiftAssess APIs will be the primary channel used to facilitate integrations with other platforms. ​

Custom development

It applies to updates/changes to existing functions/screens in order to accommodate integrations, extended functionality or optimizing an existing workflow. This don’t apply to core components logic, to store apps, or general flow and methodology of the platform”.
Every request is considered a CR (change request) and its dealt with on case-by-case basis and goes through an approval, after which goes through evaluation of time, effort and cost.

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