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Driving Schools

Ensure the Safety of Your Assessments and Students with SwiftAssess Today 

SwiftAssess provides you access to innovative digital security solutions with streamlined reports, access control, and user management. Use SwiftAssess today to boost your efficiency and make your assessments more secure than ever before.

Host Your Driving Theory Test Online with the Powerful and Innovative Solution AI Proctor

AI proctor can make your theory tests secure by using smart security features such as eye tracking, tab switching, ID verification, and more without the need of human intervention.

Gain access to AI Proctor that works autonomously and does not require any human proctor to be present

AI Proctor can make sure only the right students can be scheduled into the appropriate exam by uploading driving files

Make sure that the driving theory test is integrable and secure to produce qualified drivers.

Test multiple students at the same time from their homes

Evaluate a Student’s Driving Readiness Securely with the Observer Application

SwiftAssess provides innovative security and productivity features for the practical exams with the powerful Observer Application.

Boost Your Driving School’s Efficiency and Security in Two Easy Steps:

Manage scopes and permissions of each user
Gain access to customizable admin levels
Map the user data and structure based on your institution’s account type

Multiple options to assign examinees to exams, practices, and surveys

Gain Access to Our Powerful and Comprehensive Question Bank

With over 30 question types, SwiftAssess’s question bank helps business schools and institutions to evaluate their students more effectively.

Scenario: Set up different driving scenarios to test students’ knowledge and promote safe driving

Drag & Drop: Test students’ knowledge of driving signs and road signs to ensure they understand rules and safety regulations.

Simulation: Dive into SwiftAssess’s simulation question type to provide a safe and simulated driving environment.

Multiple Choice: An efficient and insightful question type that will help you test your driving students on their knowledge on driving theory.

Become an Effective Digitalized Driving Institution Today with SwiftAssess

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