Test Vouchers Model

This licensing model allows organizations to offer exam sessions based on Test Vouchers, where every exam session uses a single Test Voucher.

Test Vouchers

Standard Plan

Includes all the essential features to cover Candidate Registration, Exam Delivery and Security, Certification, Reports, and more.

Tailored to meet the complex assessment requirements of small and medium-sized organizations, including Testing Centers, Admission and Placement tests, Training Departments, etc.

Professional Plan

Includes everything in Standard + advanced capabilities from Multi-Campus testing, Multi-Channel delivery, Advanced Reporting and Live Dashboards, etc.

Tailored to meet the complex nature of wide-scale and high-caliber assessment administration requirements of large/enterprise organizations, including Global Testing Centers, Test Center networks, Certifying Entities, Training Institutions, etc.

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Test Voucher Model FAQ

While User Licenses provide ongoing access to the SwiftAssess platform for a set number of users, Test Vouchers are a one-time use solution that grants access to specific assessments.

This makes Test Vouchers a flexible and cost-effective option for ad-hoc or infrequent assessment needs.

Test Vouchers are ideal for organizations that need to provide assessments to a variable number of users or to external candidates without committing to a full user license.

This is particularly useful for certification programs, training organizations, and institutions conducting occasional assessments.

Test Vouchers can be used for various types of assessments offered by SwiftAssess, including exams, quizzes, and surveys. The specific types of assessments available depend on the terms of the voucher.

Test Vouchers may have an expiration date depending on the terms set at the time of purchase. It’s important to check the validity period of the voucher to ensure it is used before it expires.

Policies regarding refunds or exchanges for unused Test Vouchers vary. It’s best to contact SwiftAssess support for specific information on their refund and exchange policies.