Benefits of Using Comprehensive Digital Assessment Platforms for Employee Recruitment

The future of pre-employment testing and evaluation is taking a new turn as more and more companies are shifting towards digital assessment platforms for employees to carry out recruitment and professional development process. The post-pandemic world has taught everyone to adjust to the circumstances and perform all the tasks digitally more efficiently.

If you are ready to transform your traditional employee evaluation processes to fully interactive, mobile and automated experiences with multiple ways to capture performance indicators, adopt SwiftAssess. It is the smart, revolutionary assessment platform for employees that help manage your entire evaluation and track seamlessly with minimal clicks and automated actions.

Most companies have been committed to being fully remote after the coronavirus outbreak; this reinforces the need for new recruitment methods and evaluation solutions that embrace this new way of working. No matter how your company is working, there are many benefits of using digital assessment platforms. They help employers select and shortlist a few great ones from a pool of candidates and make the right hiring decision without meeting every single candidate in person.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons for choosing online assessment platform:

Saves time, effort and energy

SwiftAssess’s mission is to be the most comprehensive assessment platform globally, providing different solutions for all unique assessment challenges. When you prefer using a digital platform to perform the recruitment process manually, you will save time, effort, and energy. Checking every test, marking, and adding comments take a lot of time which might delay your recruitment process.

Secure and reliable assessments

Multiple high-stake security features, including a secure lock-down browser on desktops and tablets, AI proctor for remote assessments, on-screen watermarking, and more, will help you keep the results secure.

Ready-to-use assessments

Employers need to scan employees for various skills and attributes, so you need a fast solution rather than interviewing everyone. Irrespective of the number of candidates who apply, you can effectively and quickly measure the skills using digital assessment platforms for recruitment. The individual reports generated by software help you make final recruitment decisions.

Unbiased results

SwiftAssess is a comprehensive platform for making unbiased evaluations based on the candidates’ skills and what they have performed in the tests. When biasness is removed, you get the chance to increase diversity in the selection and ensure that you get the very best selection of candidates for the role.

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