Presentation Evaluation

Using SwiftAssess Observer for Presentations Evaluations


Presentations are judged for originality and creativity, organization of content, oral presentation, knowledge of
material, clarity of artwork (charts, graphs, slides), and overall presentation.

In the traditional way, evaluating presentations is done by experienced personnel who uses a paper of notes or a digital notepad to write down the feedback, points, and give the final judgment based on it.

With SwiftAssess Observer you can change the way of doing presentation evaluations by giving the observers the right tools to evaluate in a breakdown of aspects that can be easily measured which will compute the final judgement.

How does Observer enhance Presentations Evaluations Process?

Individuals or Groups

Observation modes can be done on individuals or teams if they are registered in the system in one group, then you can do one observation and the results of it will be mapped to multiple users

Evaluate anywhere, anytime

Use the mobile-ready application to do the evaluation anytime anywhere, no restrictions required.


Capture Presentation Evidence

Capture evidence from the presentation in multiple formats per criteria such as inking, audio/video recording, photos, and text feedback

Examples of Forms that are applicable

Transform your current forms to digital observer forms that can be filled easily