Characteristics of a Comprehensive Cloud Assessment Platform for K-12 Education

SwiftAssess is a comprehensive cloud assessment platform for k-12 education that empowers teachers with the right tools to enable students’ active learning, higher-order thinking and to measure their knowledge intake.

It offers a wide range of benefits and comes with the following features:

Formative & summative assessments
SwiftAssess allows teachers to conduct formative assessments (in-class activities) like quizzes and group activities and summative assessments such as midterms, projects and final exams. This helps them to make fair decisions and bring fair outcomes.

National exams delivery and tracking
SwiftAssess also provide the tools to create national assessments which measures students’ skills and knowledge as they complete their general education and move to their higher education

Carrying out immersive assessments
SwiftAssess enables flipped learning to allow students to learn individually using multimedia and 3D-based assessments and activities which interruptedly asks the student questions during the session.

Conducting and managing adult & home exams
Assessing secure and independent exams for adults who prefer to stay at home and continue the journey of learning is important. SwiftAssess is the right platform that allows for digital exams from home and enhances learning.

Carry out personalized assessments
It becomes difficult and time consuming for teachers to mark and comment every single assessment of hundreds of teachers. SwiftAssess is the right solution that enables computerized adaptive testing which is a method of administering exams that adapts to the examinee’s skills and score on the previous exams.

Psychometric Assessments
Educational institutions are not bound to carry out a single type of assessment. They can create a variety of test and evaluations to measure the student’s essential behaviors, attitudes and skills and SwiftAssess is the right platform to do so.

Early Education
The best quality cloud assessment platform for k-12 education provides tools to assess and evaluate kids from early stages using standard tests such as ASQ3 & Hand-holding and more.
Reach out to SwiftAssess to get started and access the best cloud assessment platform for k-12 education.