Assessment for Professional Development

Digital Assessment Platforms are no less at evaluating learning behaviors, skills, and competencies with patented assessments to enhance knowledge of students. They provide actionable, timely insights to accelerate growth while driving objectivity and fairness in the results. Assessment for professional development is a new hype as it also assists teachers and examiners to develop professionally and move towards better procedures for marking and assessing students. In addition, they allow teachers to prioritize student experiences to ensure you engage and excite them with interactive, realistic assessments and learning simulations.

SwiftAssess is a revolutionary platform that provides tools to perform assessments and manage your curriculum. Whether you are a school managing your K-12 grades and subjects or a University managing your academic programs, we provide the right solutions for end-to-end curriculum management including learning outcomes, assessment policies, lessons, standards and more. ​

How SwiftAssess helps Educational Institutes with Effective Curriculum Management

Classify academic programs

For n effective curriculum management, our solutions help you classify your academic programs into personalized arrangement according to your institution’s structure. Teachers can organize programs of multiple streams for the same grade for instance Grade 9 science, humanities and more. The same works for higher education departments and colleges.

Avoiding repetition of common courses

In educational institutions there are many courses that can be used in one academic program. The right tools enable teachers to use common courses with the common question bank, shared learning outcomes and more instead of creating more. This reduces repetition of similar courses in the system and allows for fast processing.

Control and plan items

Educational institutions can control the entire rules of your activities, quizzes and exams. It also helps you control instances based on the exam is centralized or not, percentage of each activity, usage rules and more.

Curriculum breakdown

SwiftAssess allows you to control, modify and manage every aspect of your academic curriculum. This way you can control objectives, learning outcomes, courses, lessons and plan items which make you personalize your own curriculum.

Shape your curriculum

SwiftAssess ensure your students get the quality training and learning by allowing you to structure the programs based on international academic standards.

Interested in curriculum development by SwiftAssess? Contact us to learn more and organize your academic structure according to your needs and learning structure. We give you the freedom to formalize your program construction both outcomes based or skill based.