Train, Assess and Improve your Employees Skills and Knowledge

In the highly competitive hiring market, organizations are adopting new methods and software to balance the needs of the applicants and that of the organization as well. Gone are the days when it was pretty easy to hire someone with a good CV and right qualifications but today’s interview process requires separation of capable and the competent from the over-confident, ensuring you build a team that works for your company.

This is possible with pre-employment assessments. Use assessment platform for employees to create your own question bank that helps you learn more about your staff that cannot be possible through interviews alone. There are many tips to creating a candidate assessment and making the most of your hiring process:

  • Create pre-employment assessments online

  • Choose the right test

  • Keep your tests short

  • Deliver your test anywhere in the world

  • Use your test for guidance

  • Next steps for your organization

By creating the right tests and assessment modules that properly evaluate the candidates; you can make the hiring process much simpler. Once you are done with the hiring process, the assessment platform for employees helps you train your employees and improve their skills for the betterment of company and the individuals. SwiftAssess provide the right tools for corporations to train their employees test them and help them improve their skills and knowledge. There are a wide range of benefits of using SwiftAssess for your organizations:

Coaching and Shadowing

We enable organizations to perform coaching and shadowing on employees and provide the right tools to help them check the employee’s performance in the training course. This enables them to analyze their weaknesses and improvements.

Measure Candidate Suitability

After the hiring process, use SwiftAssess to create a variety of test and evaluations to measure essential behaviors, attitudes and skills for jobs. This even helps organizations to develop a more complete picture of candidates’ competencies and behavioral tendencies to ensure job and organizational fit.

Comply with Standards

We empower you to achieve compliance with known professional training certification programs like ANSI and NCCA.


We provide the flexibility of integration with huge HR systems which provides information about candidate and companies like HR Open Standards, Oracle Peoplesoft and SAP.

Psychometric assessments

We deliver the right solutions to help you drive Psychometric tests on your employees to understand and improve their motives, behavior and emotions towards the organization.

Post and pre-assessments

With SwiftAssess you can engage your external employees with pre and post assessments to know their knowledge intake and understanding before and after a specific training course.

Reach out to us and learn how you can use SwiftAssess for your organization and make the most of your hiring process. The assessment platform for employees helps you through the complete process of hiring employees to improving their skills and utilizing their full potential for organization’s benefits.