Ensuring Academic Integrity with Digital Assessment Management Platform

Academic Integrity is the basis of education at all levels. With a tremendous increase in the popularity of remote examinations, many academic institutions have given up the traditional method of pen and paper. Adopting modern methods of online examinations has become easier and popular however, security during remote examinations is one of the most prominent success factors for management of academic exams.

Digital technology involved in online examinations must ensure fairness so that the students can trust the remote proctoring process. They must also be confident about their privacy rights and dignity is very well protected and is secure.

Ensuring the security of online examinations using assessment management platform benefits both students and educators:

  • Students feel confident and assured that test violations would not work and good scores won’t be questioned because of imprecise and indiscriminate assessments.

  • Teachers or administrative bodies also feel confident that the exam results are the true reflection of student’s learning of the subject.

SwiftAssess is a comprehensive assessment management platform that ensures that your assessments are delivered safely, securely and with no quality compromises. We support academic integrity and empower you to produce high-quality results with these features:

Data encryption

SwiftAssess allows examining bodies to run secure digital exam sessions with full data encryption. Data is securely cached and encrypted in case of offline assessment delivery. All items, assessments and results are secured using various types of encryptions such as URL encryption, data-blocks encryptions and database-level encryption.

Assessment printing authentication

SwiftAssess offers enhanced security for SmartPaper exams to ensure only the allowed persons prints the exam sheets. The system requires a unique password which will be sent in an email or SMS to the admin.

Student and administrator activity logs

SwiftAssess provides the auditing capability for logging different activities and actions taken by administrators and students. This gives an indicator about the activities performed by students or examiners in exam attendance, printing exams and more.

Watermarking on exam delivery to track leaking and cheating

SwiftAssess also provides digital on-screen watermark for online, ACU and SmartPaper exams for tracking and security purposes. This helps to block exam leaking while the test is ongoing. The watermark also includes a short code that determines the administrator who printed it by date and time.

SwiftAssess provides everything from access control to AI proctoring to enhance the security of digital examinations. Additionally, it provides a high security level that disallows cheating incidents. SwiftAssess uses lockdown secure browser which is used on Windows and Mac desktops to ensure a safe environment for the examinee. Furthermore, the revolutionary assessment management platform has natively designed secure iOS Apps for iPads, Android Apps for Android Devices and Windows Apps for Surface and Windows Tablets. Doing exams using mobile apps disallows the examinee from exiting the app and using other features except those allowed.