Innovative and Immersive Transformation to Vocational Assessments

Today’s vocational institutes are usually equipped with computers and digital tools are a prominent part of the learning environment. This has made students of today as digital natives who prefer online learning, digital exams and assessments. To address the enhanced role of technology in vocational educational institutes, SwiftAssess is transitioning the vocational assessment from paper and pencil to digital assessments. SwiftAssess provides the right tools to vocational trainers and institutes to remain at the forefront of innovation and be a leader in large-scale assessments. Teachers can use the right tools to explore new testing methods, create practical question types and transform the way things work to reflect the growing use of technology in vocational education.

The vocational assessments, which are delivered and tracked on secure web browsers, use dynamic and modern technologies to deliver an engaging assessment experience for students. This in return helps provide more meaningful data about student’s skills and knowledge for educators. The essence remains same even with the digitally-based assessments as trainees are asked to gather, receive and report information just as they do in their daily lives. We aim to provide a seamless assessment delivery and tracking to improve skills and learning of students.

How SwiftAssess helps vocational institutions in providing modern learning?

  • It allows examining bodies to transform your traditional evaluations to fully interactive, mobile and automated experiences with multiple ways.
  • It delivers immersive experiences to learners from 3D based objects to multimedia content that will help them connect more with the learning material.
  • It enables teachers and instructors to have all the needed tools such as the mobile grade app and the Observer app for evaluation on any platform.
  • With the right tools from SwiftAssess, teachers can focus on the student’s skills, competencies and expected outcomes of each lesson given to students which can be measured and improved.
  • With SwiftAssess, you can unlock virtual labs that allow learners to experience and interact more with what they are learning.

SwiftAssess is the right platform that helps you transform traditional ways of field testing and vocational skills evaluation by introducing advanced learning programs. These experiences are both immersive and interactive for learners and offer them new ways to grow and learn. In addition, more and more students are becoming part of vocational education which is a higher number than before. This is because of the digital access everyone can get the right education and assessment experience at home. Connect with SwiftAssess to introduce technology to your vocational institutions.