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Assessment for Professional Development

November 29, 2021 Articles
Digital Assessment Platforms are no less at evaluating learning behaviors, skills, and competencies with patented assessments to enhance knowledge of students. They provide actionable, timely…

6 benefits of using SwiftAssess for Institutions

November 16, 2021 Articles
Customized end-to-end assessment tests are crucial for hiring and workforce development for the corporate sector, online evaluation, admission management, and examinations for educational institutions. Assessment management…

Test Delivery solutions in SwiftAssess

November 15, 2021 Articles
SwiftAssess delivery widely supports the interest of conducting exams and evaluating results with complete security and integrity. The Candidates can take exams on a computer…

Hire the Best Talent with SwiftAssess Software

November 12, 2021 Articles
Pre-employment assessments such as cognitive ability tests, work samples, and job knowledge tests are good predictors of job performance. SwiftAssess is an online assessment software that can…
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