As institutions have started preparing contingency plans in the event that courses, academic, and administrative functions are disrupted by COVID-19, GamaLearn has been also preparing. To help you think through your own plans and readiness activities in response to the coronavirus, we are proactively providing you with information to help​

Off-Campus Remote Exams

SwiftAssess allows institutions to run exams online without having to be at school or on-campus Additionally, SwiftAssess is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a robust, powerful, and scalable cloud platform that is available all over the world, giving you the reassurance of high-availability during peak times for exams, as well as minimum latency due our advanced caching technology and hosting options it in-country or in-region.

SwiftAssess AI-Cyber Proctor

This solution helps institutions guarantee test session integrity on a wide/national scale, with capturing of different cheating events, highlighting session issues, providing forensics dashboards and more. In the light of recent events and the switch from on-school to home-based learning and remote assessments

SwiftAssess App for Microsoft Teams

Our SwiftAssess App For Microsoft Teams is currently undergoing approval and will be available soon for all teachers and institutions to include Assessment activities as a critical components to their learning activities and distance learning setup.

Manual Grading remotely

Our GradeMate app is available for Windows and iOS for FREE and you can download it and start using it right away to perform e-Marking with a lot of great tools and capabilities, without having to be on-campus to perform this activity – and the added benefit of doing it completely offline.


that used our cloud-ready platform 

Highlighted clients who used SwiftAssess as a solution for the Post Covid-19 Era "The New Normal"

Taking Paper Based Exams Remotly

If an institution cannot adapt to remote digital assessments or doesn’t have enough resources for that. We can work with them on a customization type that allows their students to take Paper Based Exams remotely which will still be secured and watermarked.

Living in a Post-Covid Era

We always encourage transforming institutions to digital and cloud environments. But we also think about organizations that cannot have it as an option. That’s why we provided an alternative hybrid assessment environment (On-campus and off-campus ) which will allow organizations work in more flexible way in delivery exams. 

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