Test Delivery solutions in SwiftAssess

SwiftAssess delivery widely supports the interest of conducting exams and evaluating results with complete security and integrity. The Candidates can take exams on a computer in the remote locations and the examiners can provide timely results without any hassle. It provides a range of benefits to the institutions with regards to cost-efficiency, security and reduced administrative burden. SwiftAssess test delivery solution is ideal for examining institutions who want to use auto-scoring or on-screen marking and want to have all their examination data from online and offline exams in a secure system. SwiftAssess delivery is:

Available on all devices (BYOD)

SwiftAssess delivery is available on all devices, so you can bring your own device (BYOD) and perform the tasks you want. It is available on web application for Windows, Chromebook, MacBook devices respectively. It also works on all the standard web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Available on the stores

Our apps are designed natively that supports iOS, Android and Windows, Chromebook, MacBook devices seamlessly.

What qualifies ACU as the best platform for financial institutions?

The ACU by SwiftAssess is a leading software that supports offline delivery of digital exams. Even if there is no internet connection, examinees can take the exam and provide assessments without any hassle. The results will be synced when a connection is established. The ACU gives an excellent experience to the offline exams and help download an encrypted exam package to a test centre with sufficient security access in prior to the exam time.

During the exam time, the test paper is deployed over a local network so that candidates can connect to a local server and have a similar experience as if they were taking their exam online. After the completion of the test, answer data is securely uploaded for marking and processing of results. The benefits of SwiftAssess test delivery include:

Paper-based delivery

It delivers a re-evaluated version of printable exams that can be attempted using any paper or scanner. The solution allows examinees to solve the exams on papers while the results are synchronized to the system.

Secure assessment environment

SwiftAssess allow you to deliver safe and secure assessments complying with academic integrity. Available on all devices, bring your own device and avail delivery through secure browsers with disable functionality of copying, printing etc. to reduce cheating attempts.

Embedded Assessments

Assessments on SwiftAssess are easy to embed in common formats including:

  • Interactive Book Widgets (iBooks, EPUBs, PowerPoint Apps)
  • MS Teams Connector
  • LTI Integrations

SwiftAssess test delivery is beneficial to any organization with test centers in remote areas. The solution works well in the areas where the internet connections are too unreliable to run exams over the web