Get a Perfect Test Delivery Solution in SwiftAssess

Most educational organizations operate in a highly competitive and constantly changing environment. Therefore, the ability to extend your reach, expand your markets and drive revenue opportunities is crucial for ensuring future success. In these challenging conditions, a flexible approach to online testing is crucial. SwiftAssess provides perfect test delivery options available on all devices, all browsers, remote and secure, digital and paper, and on-campus or off-campus

With SwiftAssess, you can deliver offline digital exams. Your examinees can take the exam even without a connection, and the result will be synched when a connection is established. Moreover, the assessment coaching unit gives a great experience to the offline exams. Assessment coaching unit is a solution that aims to offer a local-secure copy of the assessment and facilitate running assessments with ease and schedule submission/syncing of results whenever a connection is possible.

SwiftAssess delivery is available on web applications for Windows, Chromebook, Macbook devices seamlessly. It also operates on all the standard web browsers such as Edge chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

We deliver a re-imagined version of Printable Exams, where it can be done using any paper, any printer and any scanner. This solution enables examinees to solve the exams on papers while most of It is being automatically graded and synced to the system. It also supports multiple versions, sheet watermarking and QR Code scanning to secure the exam sheets from cheating and leaking.

Test delivery solution in SwiftAssess now allows you to deliver safe and secure assessments, complying with academic integrity.